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Hey, Barbie!

In the past month the whole world has gone #barbiecore crazy, and after seeing the much anticipated movie last week - I understand why. It's brilliant. It's beautiful. It's a work of art, and a clever way of packaging big subjects in a bubblegum wrapper to get you in a cinema and then BLOW YOUR MIND mid popcorn.

The costumes, the entire man-made Barbie land set, the script, the music, the cast.... I don't even know where to start. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to. Not just because everybody is talking about it, but because everyone I talk to about it has each taken away a totally different perspective unique to them after seeing it. Different scenes had impacts on different people, which is fascinating in itself, but it stayed with me for days afterwards.

I cried three times, and they all caught me somewhat off guard. I saw the film by myself, and I'm honestly quite desperate to see it again for a second opportunity to drink in all the visuals and anything I might have missed!

Aside from the deeply moving messaging and thought provoking layered plot line, you get frivolous fashion, unapologetic ensembles and Ryan Gosling proclaiming 'I love Fringe' when he dons a cowboy outfit. (Gosling is a whole other appreciation post!) Margot Robbie is sensational, and the images circulating on social media of whole audiences showing up to watch the film in pink has just made me just really genuinely happy. It's been a heavy few years in the world, and society needed a reason to dress up and embrace some fluffy fun.

I have subconsciously started incorporating pink into my own wardrobe choices since I saw it, and here at Alice HQ we have a collection of vintage clothes, accessories and homewares fit for any Barbie wardrobe! Brands have been launching Barbie inspired products all year, but one thing Barbie has going for her? She seriously knows how to span the DECADES! Watching Barbie on the big screen pulling outfits from mixed genres and historical eras gone by was a total joy to my vintage eyes - and so naturally you can shop a curated Barbie Edit right here online to satisfy those retro doll vibes.

Embrace your inner Barbie, shop vintage, and remember - "Barbie changed everything, then she changed it all again"


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