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'What Alice Found' was created in 2009 by Nicki Grainger – a lifelong vintage enthusiast and creative stylist. As a little girl, a family friend observed that her curious, off beat nature reminded them of Alice In Wonderland, and thus a love for the story began….. evolving from a website to a popular high street boutique for 3 years.

With qualifications in fashion journalism, digital marketing and professional styling, Nicki launched her retail wonderland to showcase her collection of vintage wares, celebrate history and to share her passion for visual storytelling through interiors and fashion. 


A talent for discovering unusual, eccentric treasures, both old and new, has earnt

Nicki and 'What Alice Found' many mentions in the press, and her gravitation towards unconventional ideals has seen her live in an old attic, ambulance van in Europe, an abandoned retirement home and a retro holiday park home, thus far.

When not in Wonderland you'll find Nicki walking in nature, reading in coffee shops, scribbling in notebooks, painting, talking to her plants, playing with her nephews, blogging, freelancing for other brands and exploring new places.

Don't by shy, say hi!


Taking its name from Lewis Carroll's sequel book 'Through The Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There)' founder Nicki recognised the perfect background metaphor for a vintage store - a Wonderland of unusual items all with their own tale to tell, and might look completely different the next time you visit! Curiouser & Curiouser!


Indeed with vintage - you never know what you might find, you don't have to follow trends but your own unique journey into self expression. Who are you today?   


Stock is hand selected from all over the UK, interweaved with buying trips to LA.

As a brand ‘What Alice Found’ is recognised for its quirky take on modern vintage style, quality and items full of character for both your home and your wardrobe.


Nicki champions the art of reinvention and styling your life with imagination. 

Shopping second hand is better for the environment, and it gives an alternative from mainstream outlets if you want an outfit, gift or keepsake with a bit more individuality.


After closing the doors of the high street boutique in 2015, Nicki provided her creative services for other brands and travelled across Europe before relaunching Alice online in Spring 2017. What Alice Found does selected pop - up shops, please sign up to the newsletter to stay updated with events, new stock and exclusive subscriber discounts.