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Embrace your inner vintage witch

Dressing as a famous witch for Halloween, obvious - yes? But with so many amazing iconic witchy women in our pop culture history it's hard to resist! Here's our favourite looks that allow you to have fun with vintage fashion this October.

The Love Witch

This horror meets comedy from 2016 is an ode to the dreamy retro aesthetic of the 60's and 70's. It's a blend of Gothic Victoriana with sugary mid century pastels in both the fashion and interiors. Witch and seductress Elaine wears a lot of ruffled maxi dresses, floppy oversized hats, bold eyeshadow and a statement pendant necklace to finish her iconic look. Don't forget to carry a few vintage poison bottles to assist in your love spells this Halloween.

The Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus gets watched in our house every October, without fail! This classic family fun movie gives us the legendary witchy trio the Sanderson sisters, resurrected from 1693 - a great option for you and two mates. Long billowing skirts, layered petticoats, and corsets will nail this look, or use a vintage waistcoat and some string for a similar lattice effect. Add plenty of costume jewellery, a vintage cape and dust off those curly wigs!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I grew up watching Sabrina and her two quirky witch aunts on tv in the 90's, but confess the modern Netflix remake is even better. The latter version dons a 1950's / 1960's mod vibe, with her signature blonde bob and black hairband. Try cropped knit vests, pussybow blouses, pleated skirts, tights, lacy collars and fitted coats. Don't forget Salem the cat!

The Craft

Four teenagers form a coven in an American High School and look all kinds of Gothic 90's cool as they do it. Think mini skirts, cropped tee's, braces, knee high socks and lots of shiny oversized leather. Accessorise with chokers and a tonne of black eyeshadow and dark lipliner. If Clueless went to the dark side....


The original ultimate vintage pop icon was suburban witch Samantha, who married a mortal in the comical plot of the 1964 American sitcom. With delicious kitsch interiors as a backdrop, Samantha wiggled her nose in an array of retro ensembles. Floral print dresses, ruffled nylon nightwear, bright patterned blouses and big, backcombed bouffant hair!

Sally and Gillian Owen

In 1999, Practical Magic brought us the magical tale of the Owen sisters trying to break a family curse whenever they fall in love. Though their outfits aren't instantly recognisable, who can resist the 90's kitchen witch wardrobe look teamed with the sisters long flowing red and brunette hair. Gillian rocked a lot of velvet, fitted mini dresses and leather jackets, whilst Sally favoured floral maxi skirts, camisoles and mom jeans. Enjoy those midnight margaritas!

American Horror Story - The Coven

There's really too many sartorial offerings in the third series of AHS to choose from, centred around a New Orleans coven all descended from Salem witches. Much of the cast's wardrobe included original vintage pieces, including fur coats, maxi dresses, white frill collars, grunge biker boots and plenty of classic black hats. Embrace glamour with vintage gloves and oversized sunglasses, or channel the unique style of voodoo priestess Marie. Special mention to our style icon Stevie Nicks who makes a cameo (as herself) so grab a tasselled shawl and get twirling!

Willow Rosenburg

Of all the characters in cult TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Willow has arguably the biggest transformation. Evolving from shy, bookish student to fully fledged powerful witch, who battles with her own dark side as much as the forces of darkest evil. Known initially for her cutesy 90's fluffy jumpers, dungarees, bucket hats and armful of books, you could channel her early style or the later spiritual, boho vibes she embodied - flowing skirts, peasant blouses and layered necklaces.

The Witches of Eastwick

No vintage Halloween round up could leave out this 1987 classic fantasy film, with all it's 80's fashion glory. Polka dots, one shouldered numbers, gold lame, crop tops and visors over bigger than big permed hair. Add in some big bows and some high waisted trousers or opt for silky, satin negligée and oversized kimono dressing gowns.

Special shout out to the Halliwell sisters in Charmed, Hermione Granger and the four witches of Oz. There's so much more than one blog post to celebrate all these characters and their fashion influence!

These are some ideas to inspire you to work with what you might already have lurking in your wardrobe, or to search for a vintage alternative that can be worn again and again. Have fun embodying one of these many personas, because as Aunt Jet beautifully puts it in Practical Magic "There's a little witch in all of us".......



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