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  • Chulucana pottery handmade white vase with black curved print design on the front, plain black on the back. Chulucana is in North Peru where artisans operate a treadle potter's wheel using both their hands and feet. Their pottery is known for rich tones obtained from smoking in mango and banana leaves. Finished with colour and burnished with a polishing stone creates a shine, and designs added. There are natural marks on the vase generated during the making process.


    This vase comes from the small family community of La Encantada (The enchanted) and has the individual makers mark included on the base.


    Height 15.5" / Base Width 4" / Mouth Width 3"


    PLEASE NOTE: This pottery is fired at a low temperature so is porous, so do not wash or fill with water. It is for decorative use only, or to fill with artificial plants / flowers.