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Granny, Granny Cool

{Images: Gucci, houseandhome, Iris Apfel, Ganni, HBO, What Alice Found}

One derogatory comment I was subjected to, for years, was often people who didn’t actively shop for vintage refer to it as ‘grandma clothes’ with a sneer of judgement.

To be fair, they weren’t technically wrong. Many of the fabulous garments hanging from my rails were in fact, potentially previously owned by someone’s grandma. That’s kinda how vintage and the world of circular fashion works!

But perhaps what they meant was the misconception that wearing thrifted vintage clothes styled together can give the appearance of stereotypical ‘Old Lady’ vibes. The irony is, that many of the staple items (think sweater vest, mohair cardigan, pleated skirts, pussybow blouses, Kelly handbags) are almost always, every year, on trend. Even our Queen Elizabeth has been a front runner here!

But what if you wore them altogether at the same time? Yup, still a winner.

Because it’s 2022 and all style rules are open to your individual interpretation, no matter what anyone says.

The sale of eyewear chains soared in the past two years, as they could simultaneously host our face masks during the pandemic. Crochet fashion and kitsch homewares are as popular as ever. Gingham, paisley and frills dominate Instagram accounts. Chintz is back!

The term’ Granny Chic’ has never been so widely celebrated in terms of fashion and homeware, so this is an ode to the forgotten demographic of fashion – the trendsetters of years before – being reinterpreted by the next generation.

Gotta love Gucci

{Image: Gucci}

When Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new creative director, debuted his first women’s collection in February 2015 – it became clear the new direction the fashion house was taking. Eccentric prints, kitsch accessories, pattern clashing and quirky layering, but with an injection of sexiness. (It simultaneously prompted a surge in vintage Gucci items selling across thrift stores in America to capture the original glamour).

What became referred to as ‘the Granny Chic Streak’ the collections kept reinventing the bookish looks with quilted fabrics, crochet, lace, oversized headscarves and a lot of jewellery. The colour palettes and runway set designs were straight out of the 60’s and 70’s with modern twists to avoid looking too old fashioned.

With fashions icons such as Harry Styles, Lana Del Ray and Jared Leto embodying the brand’s unique attire, it now seems in 2022 the Granny Chic lifestyle is here to stay.

Grandmillenial Interiors

{Image: Air BnB}

Yup, it’s a word.

It’s the reinvention of the Grandma’s of yesteryear when styling your home. It’s a kind of anti-trend, a very potent mix of both old and new items tailored specifically to your own style choices. Mis-matched patterns, textures and colours are key to this aesthetic, a kind of rebellion against ‘perfect’ sleek modern design by introducing interruptions of retro charm and unpredictable fabric choices. Lockdowns have ushered in a new wave of putting down your phone, and picking up your crochet needles or doing a jigsaw instead.

Key aspects of Grandmillenial style include; wallpaper, frilly bedding, florals, chintzy ceramics, cosy knitted blankets, colourful artworks, crazy cushions, scalloped or curved accents and curated clutter.

Granny Chic on the screen

{Image: MyLondon, intothefashion, listal}

Carrie Bradshaw in her smoking outfit? Epic.

(If you have yet to see the episode of ‘And Just Like That’ with Carrie donning an eccentric ensemble for a daily walk-around-the-block-cigarette to avoid smelling it on herself afterwards, you’re missing a sartorial treat.)

Some more inspo to wet your whistle?

Granny chic muses include; Andy in 'Pretty in Pink', The two Ediths in 'Grey Gardens', Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller's country style in 'The Edge of Love', The cast of tv show 'Flowers', Gwenyth Paltrow as Margot in Wes Anderson's 'The Royal Tenenbaums' and the legendary Dot Cotton of Eastenders.

Shop the look

Here's a selection of vintage from our Granny Cool edit in store at the moment.


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