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Celestial Tarot shoot : Behind The Scenes

Not being an overly traditional kinda gal, this Christmas felt like a time to embrace the magic of the universe with a Celestial Tarot inspired look book. Goodness knows 2021 has been a challenging year, and with the festive season still full of uncertainty, it felt like a much-needed injection of sparkle, mystery and whimsy.

The brief? Glitter – lots of it. My bestie stylist pal Verity and I cooked up a mood board celebrating the moon, sun and stars with gold, silver, vintage pearls, sequins, beads, velvet and sheer fabrics to catch the light. We also gave a nod to the Tarot cards that these vintage clothes embodied, The Empress, The High Priestess and The Magician.

The Moon

Determined to be thrifty and creative (with help from Hobbycraft) I constructed a giant moon in six different parts inspired by the Victorian style imagery of Mr Moon Face used on old Christmas cards. Our model Isobella, donned a Parisian ensemble with a purple beret, vintage 80’s petrol blue cocktail dress and boudoir feather heels on her journey up to the sky.

The Star

Adorned with decorative stars in her naturally dreamy hair (Jealous much?) Isobella wears our silver 70’s glittery maxi with rope belt, vintage sheer gloves and pearl necklace. In other shots she embodied the starry skies with our white beaded jacket, silver sequinned skirt and 60s evening bag. She is also the Hollywood starlet wearing our faux fur stole with crochet mini dress decorated in translucent teardrops.

The Sun

With a hint of circus punk, Isobella rocks a vintage bowler, handmade feather collar and our sequinned black and silver waistcoat. Big Sun earrings and Elton John sunnies finish the look – stare at her if you dare!

The High Priestess

Associated with the moon, The High Priestess in Tarot signifies wisdom, mystery and divination. We were all beguiled by this gorgeous vintage lilac ombre slip dress decorated in holographic gems. Sometimes you don’t need any kind of backdrop, the clothes do all the talking.

The Empress

The Empress card is thought of as more maternal, homely and creative – offering unconditional love. What better than a 50’s brocade petal cocktail dress for Christmas time? With a messy up do and some killer heels, make a mid century dress feel more modern in your own way.

The Magician

Here to entertain and amuse, with a cheeky glint in her eye, Isobella looked the part in our 80’s velvet and diamente party dress and tasselled shawl.

Thank you to all the team who worked hard, brought creative energy and kept our shoot Covid Secure.

Wishing all our family, friends and customers a very Merry Christmas, however it looks this year - we hope you find some magic.




  • Styling/Direction: Nicki Dashwood (@whatalicefoundvintage) Verity Cooper (@verityjadestyling)

  • Model: Isobella Chick (@isobellachick)

  • Photographer: Anne Marie Konadu (@mami.k_photography)

  • Styling Assistant: Flossie Bryce (@florencedaisybryce)

  • Studio: Tichborne Studios Brighton (@tichbornestudios)


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